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History is just the book we write together. It's the movie we shot together. It's the afternoon at the movies eating popcorn together. It is our memory. It is our immersive video game. It is our longing and our disappointment. History is all, because History is nothing. History is just ourselves awakening, dreaming, remembering, forgiving... and forgetting.

All happend. Do not worry. Nothing happend.

The only secret in Life is never stop dreaming. 

NIAC 2021


The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) seeks innovative, technically credible advanced concepts that could one day change the possible in Aeronautics and Space. The 2021 NIAC Symposium will feature progress presentations from our currently funded Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III Fellows.

UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY | September 14-30 of 2021 | .- The backdrop to this UNGA#76 is a world that feels fractured, just when we need to come together against the continued ravages of COVID-19; the accelerating climate emergency; unfolding humanitarian disasters; rising inequality; and much more. You can find resources in this post.

Free & Online 3-Day Bootcamp on how to make a career in Mergers, Acquisition, and Investment Law. With our most sincere gratitude to our hosts: Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO & Co-Founder of LawSikho; and Abhyuday Agarwal, COO & Co-Founder of LawSikho. For more info and registration, please access to our members area.

The Spanish journalist Elia Rodríguez was one of the most beloved iconic persons on the spanish radio universe at the beginning of the second millennium.

Private event for members and guests of the hispanic holistic work community.

Palencia is the spanish province with the highest level of judicial corruption and lowest transparency. Historically Palencia has been known for its cruelty and historical falsehood. Innocence's defense against a false accusation of fraud will allow to fix historical misktakes helping good people in need worldwide next October 14th. of 2021.

Spain was the las nation to abolish slavery, thanks to british pression to do it so. Now, the Francisco Galindo Jr tragedy would should be transformed into a new hope to make it possible for Spain to redeem its historical responsibility to Africa by asking the World for forgiveness.

Opening ceremony of our roadmap's first phase, held in favor of our partners and authorized guests. Attendance to this event and registration information are only allowed by direct invitation from your mentor and under previous recommendation from your upline.