The Piggy Bank

first bank of the tokenized economy

Since 2020

You are a genuine banker.

But you haven't found out yet that you really are.

So, it is time to wake up ! .

Since 1990 until today Francisco Galindo Jr. has been an economic mobbing, legal bullying, aporophobia, torture, kidnapping and family violence`s victim, suffering a silent tragedy in Spain.

Betrayed by all his friends; destroyed by his wife; and disowned in Spain by his own family, Francisco wanted to turn his tragedy into a hope`s legacy for Humanity.

This is how Francisco was tokenized by himself in 2019.

And so was also how the UROATW concept was born during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020.

But it so was also how the 4 NFTs were created after were threatened Francisco with death by the last time, in 2021.

The 4 Francisco Galindo Jr.'s 4 NFT Certificates

In 2020, Francisco Galindo Jr. created 4 NFT certificates as a humble remembrance and a heartfelt tribute to the annual's cycle of life and the first Templar bankers that created modern banking industry.

These 4 NFT certificates were published and given away throughout all 2021 year.

Although most of those gift were rejected, the very few people who accepted Francisco's gift are today new happy millionaires and sincere philanthropists, who perfectly understand the true deep meaning of the new tokenized economy, 

The Jingle Bell NFT Certificate

This is the jingle bell on Christmas night. This is a Solstice's NFT Certificate to celebrating the Winter's arrival. This is an NFT Certificate that invites you working to turn your hope into reality.

Francisco Galindo Jr. gifted you this NFT Certificate to help you defend Innocence worldwide, back again to your childhood.

One day you were also a child and you believed that you could make your dreams come true. At that time on your life, you still could hear the jingle bell each Christmas. But one Christmas Eve you stopped listening it. And so was as you lost your own innocence.

Maybe this gift can help you hearing back the jingle bell again, if you are able to discover your own innocence in the others innocence. But you will not be successful in your endeavor if you consider that others cannot be good people.

Human being is made with the Stars Light brightness and with the Voids Darkness. But you must be careful, because Human Being also hides deepest its own darkness the Great Attractor's power inside.

Human Being Love creates all dreams in this universe. But human hate awakens all universal nightmares wherever it could being present.

Therefore, always love; but keeping prudently protection's distance forever.

The Debt Payment NFT Certificate

You received this Spring Equinoctial NFT Certificate because Francisco Galindo Jr. owed you some money.

Francisco was poor and had no enough cash to satisfy any legal demand for payment.

But Francisco always wanted to pay all his debts by giving you everything he had.

That's why you received this NFT Debt Payment Certificate.

This NFT certificate is special because, even enjoying a high endorsement value, this certificate will only recognize the linked value of a claimed debt by each copy given by Francisco Galindo Jr.

If you decided to accept this NFT Payment Certificate given to you by Francisco Galindo, Jr., your license will allow you to enjoy all incentives recognized in your acceptance contract to reward your patience, your good faith and your understanding.

But, if you rejected this Payment NFT Certificate, considering it as a fraud to justify any hostility figure against Francisco Galindo Jr., his team will consideer as freely rejected by you your payment right, despite it was offered it to you in good will your payment by Francisco Galindo Jr. .

In such of that case, we will consideer as legitimated all legal actions convenient to defend our own interests against you.

The Magic Hat NFT Certificate

In case of Francisco Galindo Jr. has gifted you this certificate, you really are a very good and lucky person.

There are less than 10 NFT summer solstice certificates, like this one that you are now viewing, all over the World.

Summer solstice's NFT Certificate is an exclusive collector's certificate that only a few selected Francisco's truly loyal friends around the World have managed to enjoy.

The few people who deserved to be honored by Francisco Galindo Jr. with gift this NFT certificate suffered with Francisco and experienced his tragedy on the same level as he lived and suffered.

These very few and exceptional persons certeanly are very special. And many of them lost loved ones in order to help Francisco.

Only pure souls who shared selflessly with Francisco everything they had, were deserving of this sincere recognition. 

This certificate is a humble recognition born to sincerely honor the inspiring light of all masters who were for Francis his heroes and his Mentors during all his life.

But Francisco's really essence spirit and his Master's essence are both linked beyond Space and Time.

The 8 Ball's NFT Certificate

The challenge of the 8 Ball's NFT Equinoctial Certificate is so special as recognition of the Summer's Solstice NFT Certificate also is.

If you received this gift NFT Certificate personally given by Francisco Galindo Jr., you should know Francisco was in a serious need of your help, living both of you a very dangerous or delicate moment for him, but also with grave significance for all Humanity.

If you decided to accept this gift, you must be aware that you are about to play a significant role at one historical episode for all Humanity, beyond everything you could imagine.

You may not be able to understand what Francisco will ask of you, but you should be aware that it will be something very important for millions of living beings, you and your loved ones included.

You must decide by yourself if you want to help Francisco, accepting this NFT gift certificate. But your decision will evidence your true true nature through one or several challenges turned into opportunities for evolution that will help you grow. So, be careful. Your responsability about your own decision is now very serious. Rejecting this certificate could mean condemning to death millions of innocent lives who will can not be helped by Francisco nor by his team.

Accepting one gifted NFT Certificate 

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