Sustainable Development Goals

The FG Team follows the AGENDA 2030, because all of us believe in it and we want to help successfully achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. But working to successfully achieve the Sustainable Development Goals requires true information, daily dedication and love for our vocation of fraternal and philanthropic service to Humanity, working as volunteers only.

Working for the Agenda`s success is not enjoying a private nor public employment, but enjoying living a personal commitment we freely and voluntary accept, because we share the same vision and the same goals.

We certeanly can share our personal experience to help create a community and contribute to global well-being by achieving our own personal well-being.

For this reason, the FG team invite you to follow with us the updates and recommendations given by the United Nations, the Davos Forum and the Global Blockchain Business Council, among others.

If you really want to experience a wonderful adventure being part of the FG global team, we first recommend that you start your journey by becoming a true active Global Citizen.

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